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First of its kind Magazine for the Education Industry

Education Matters is India’s first of its kind magazine to review and present news and stories, especially for the Education Fraternity. The objective of this publication is to feature the leading education institutions and highlight the best practices being followed in the Indian Education ecosystem.

Education Matters publishes the latest news and analysis on the trending topics and also feature ed-tech companies and industry events which have emerged through the unique concept of giving unparalleled solutions to the education fraternity.

Education Matters provide coverage & advertising opportunities to various education institutions, ed-tech companies, industry events & international delegations that have a deep and important role to play towards the internationalization of Indian Education.

Education Matters Magazine is registered with RNI & ISSN and print 4,000+ copies & send personalised emails to 8,000+ education-based database

Distribution Pattern

  • 500+ printed copies to the Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates in India.
  • 200+ printed copies to Ministries, Government Officials and relevant departments.
  • 200+ printed copies to Regulators, Chambers, Associations and Education Event Organizers.
  • 900+ printed copies to HR Leaders that are responsible for Campus Recruitments.
  • 500+ printed copies to the established and emerging EdTech solution providers.
  • 600+ printed copies for International Distribution through our international network.
  • 900+ printed copies to be sent to the Decision Makers of the Indian Education System.
  • 10,000+ readerships through online distribution to 8,000+ education-based database.