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With an aim to highlight the latest developments in the Education Ecosystem, we have developed some Education News Portals which caters to Global Markets.

Online News Portal aims at establishing a complete portal for providing the relevant News & Analysis for the specific industry. Portal is like a channel that would provide up-to-date news online through the medium of the internet.

Portals typically consist of different sections which would address the different information needed. It would also provide an opportunity to publish the press releases, articles, interviews and expert views for the specific industry.

Portals are the best source to get the latest and most accurate information which can be updated on a real-time basis and can be extremely beneficial for the visitor.

Portals are maintained by a large number of editors, journalists and reporters and typically registered with ISSN for providing the news.

We are having the following 2 News Portals:

  • Education News Portal –
  • Indian Education News Portal –