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School Innovation Summit is one of the most sought after platform to bring together all the stakeholders of the School Education Ecosystem to discuss and design strategies to tackle the challenges that are faced by the pedagogical leaders today due to the evolution of technology. The National Education Policy is of utmost concern and through School Innovation Summit, the real stakeholders are able to share their views and contribute to making the right policies and also develop implementation strategies. Child development and wellness are of grave importance and when the leaders share their best practices and quality benchmarking strategies, the leaders that have come forward are able to learn from the experiences of others.

We are talking about Innovation and Change that is happening across the globe and in the Education Ecosystem, but are we able to take proactive steps to ensure that our transition from the current age to the future age is smooth and well planned? this is the question and we all need to play our critical role and become the change agents for this generation. The School Innovation Summit is the platform where all these things can be done more effectively and we can expect some takeaways for every pedagogical leader.

During the School Innovation Summit, we have the participation of Policy Makers and Enablers, Career Counselors, School Owners, School Management, Principals, HOD’s, School oriented NGO’s, Parents Associations, Nominated Parents, EdTech Companies, Publishers and K12 Service providers etc. 

SIS is being extensively supported by:

  • Federation of Leaders in Academics Research & Education (FLARE)
  • Vishwabodhi Foundation (VBF)
  • Indian Education Network (IEN)
  • Education Matters Magazine
  • Prosper Theories Private Limited
  • Indian Education News Portal

Previous Editions of SIS

  • 1st School Innovation Summit – 15th April 2019, New Delhi, India
  • 2nd School Innovation Summit – 23rd November 2019, New Delhi, India
  • 3rd School Innovation Summit – 6th February 2020, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India